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AUSTRALIAN REMEDY is a modern company that has been on the Czech market since 2005. It´s focused on import and distribution of selected supplements of sustenance from Australia.

AUSTRALIAN REMEDY owns exclusive representation of the import of these products for all states of the European Union.

All products on offer

  • are 100% natural without preservatives and other additives
  • are made in the highest quality and cleanness
  • have worldwide reputable quality seal
  • have extraordinary amount of effective substances or ingredients
  • are approved by The National Institute of Public Health and The Ministry of Health

The products on offer are convenient for all people who want to improve the quality of their life and the protection of their health. It´s for all who want to live healthy and at full blast without any medical problems.

Nowadays it´s usual and necessary to supply missing nutrients in the form of the supplements of sustenance, because our lifestyle and environment are strain for our organism and health problems are not far away.

Healing powers of included substances affect not only for prevention to sustain good health, but it also significantly helps with the curing of incurred diseases and it helps with the regeneration of your organism after disease.

We offer qualified information to you and complex programme of affordable and high-guality products of the renowned company Natural Pharmaceuticals Australia that will help you on the way to your healhier life.

We value customers and offer them well-arranged and understandable information about our products. We state proofed and true effects openly.

We prepared “bonus programme” for our satisfied and regular customers who became convinced of the quality of our products. This “bonus programme” enables bargain.

We realize the value of good health, which enables us to work properly, to manage everything and to enjoy your free time – when our health doesn’t work and our health problems limit our activity.

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