Bonus programme

Conditions and rules:

Bonus programme is premium for our customers for their loyalty.

Bonus programme refers only to orders from the webpages

Every registered customer is included into our bonus programme.

You always get corresponding number of points while purchasing – you save your points on your points account.

For each 4,- € from your order with VAT without postage and packing you get 1 point. Each point equals the value 0,2 €. It means it´s discount 5% from the price of the goods.

Points are added after delivery and payment of the goods.

Current number of your points is seen when you sign in.


  • acquired points serve for your discount while having a future order
  • when you exhaust some points, the number of your points on the account will decrease
  • when you purchase again in the future, the points are added again
  • the worth of used points is deducted from the total price of your order (it means included VAT, packing and postage).