Liquid Calcium 1500mg 200 caps


Liquid form of Calcium in micro-particles allows effective and fast absorption of calcium very necessary for human body.

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Liquid Calcium 1500mg 200 caps

Calcium is one of the most important and basic minerals needed for healthy development of human body and for maintaining of a good health. Calcium is needed in each cell. Calcium intake from milk and other foods is not sufficient and it is appropriate to supply calcium for a good health.

Calcium in the Liquid Calcium product is derived from sea shells, which are a natural source of calcium.

Liquid Calcium contains liquid form of calcium which has been processed (refined) into micro-particles to achieve the highest efficiency. Moreover, adding the necessary amount of vitamin D3 enables better and faster absorption and utilization of calcium in human body.

Calcium is needed for the creation and strength of bones and teeth, and it is an important part of many operations and processes in the body. Calcium enhances proper functioning of the nervous system, it affects mental conditions, heart and vascular system and it is important for correct muscle functions.

With growing age, the ability to use calcium from regular diet significantly decreases, and therefore our body takes the necessary calcium from the bones.

Calcium deficiency in human body is manifested by:

  • increased fragility of bones - susceptibility to thinning, fracturing and brittle bones
  • increased pain of bones and joints after physical exercise
  • increased pain, thinning or even damaging of the spinal chord
  • increased likelihood of osteoporosis among the elderly
  • increased tooth decay of both children and adults (periodontosis)
  • nervous system functioning disorders … malfunctions of the transmission of nerve impulses, neurosis, anxiety, tension, insomnia
  • muscle activity disorders - muscle pains and cramps
  • disorders of cardiac and vascular system - heart palpitations, impaired blood pressure,
  • increased fatigue and feeling of exhaustion
  • increased susceptibility to stress, allergies and inflammation
  • skin problems - herpes, loss of pigment
  • a reduction in the quality of hair and nails

 In childhood, calcium deficiency can cause softening and thinning of bones, which can cause failures of proper growth - crooked legs, valgus knees, prone to rickets, pigeon chest or it can slow down the growth.

Among adults, calcium deficiency causes the symptoms listed above.

Liquid Calcium product is suitable for the whole family. Calcium is needed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers for healthy development of children. It is also helpful for the maintenance of good health of adults and elderly people.

It is very suitable for athletes and physically active individuals.

Composition - Each capsule contains:

Active ingredients:

 Calcium carbonate                 900mg
         equivalent to Calcium content  360mg        45% ADI
 Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)  5µg (200i)  100% ADI

Auxiliary ingredients:

Vitamin E (D-α-tocopherol)                                    2,6mg    21,7% ADI
Lecithin 38mg  
Soybean oil 544 mg  
Beeswax 15mg  

Other ingredients: 

Gelatin (capsule)                                            293mg
Glycerol 141mg
Distilled water 40mg

Does not contain:   sugar, gluten, yeast, milk ingredients, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives

When it helps:  helps in listed cases of Calcium deficiency


2-3 capsules daily     

- growing children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly

2 capsules daily

- adult women

1 capsule daily - adult men

Take with or after a meal.

Packaging:       200 capsules

Country of origin: Australia

Store below 25 ° C, out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. Minimum shelf life until the date stated on the packaging.

Notice according to EU commission regulation :

This product is a registered food supplement. Its curative effects have not been approved; it is not a medicine. Not to be used as a substitution of varied food. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Best before: see the package.

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